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This feature is only available on our Business Plan and higher.

The Entry Limit feature allows you to close your promotion down as soon as you hit a certain number of entries. This is great for first come first serve giveaways where you only have a limited quantity of items to give away.

You can access this feature on your promotion under Edit > Advanced > Entry Limit.

To enable Entry Limit, simply flip the toggle from NO to YES. Then insert the number of entries your promotion must hit until it automatically closes down. This is unique email or phone entries, this number does not include bonus entries. So if your promotion has an entry limit of 10, then the first 10 unique email addresses or phone numbers to sign up, will trigger that limit and the promotion will immediately close down.

When your entry limit is triggered, your promotion would show that it has ended and it will stop accepting new entries, unless you re-open the promotion.

If you need to re-open the promotion you have to edit the end date under the duration settings. Be sure to also increase the Entry Limit from the previous setting.

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