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The Entry frequency settings can be modified under the promotion settings for sweepstakes or contests.

By default, all promotions are set to single entry, which means a user can only enter one time during the promotion.

If you'd like, you can choose to allow daily or weekly entry, which means the form automatically resets and the user can come back to fill it out again for an additional entry.


When does daily/weekly entry reset?
Each night at midnight, daily entries are reset. Each week at midnight, weekly entries are reset. For example, with a daily entry if an entrant enters at 2PM, they can enter again after midnight for an additional entry.

What happens when I enable daily/weekly entry?
Each day or week the entry form will automatically reset so the user can fill it out and submit it again for an additional entry.

Does a user need to fill the form out again?
We automatically pre-populate the entry form with the information the user originally submitted, so they do not need to fill it out again unless they return to the page from a different device than the one they originally entered from.

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