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Redirect Upon Entry
Redirect Upon Entry
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The Redirect Upon Entry feature allows you to automatically direct people to any page that you want after they enter the promotion.

By default, when a user enters the promotion they will get taken to a post-entry page that allows them to earn bonus entries for performing actions like sharing and referring friends.

If you wish to override the post-entry page, and instead want to direct people to a different URL, you can do that with the Redirect Upon Entry feature.

Please note: If you enable Redirect Upon Entry, entrants will no longer see the post-entry screen with social actions. Instead, they will be taken to the URL that you input under Redirect Upon Entry.


To enable this feature go to:

Edit > Advanced > Redirect Upon Entry.

Toggle the setting to YES to enable it.

Input the URL people should be taken to when they submit your form.

Pass Data

If you would like to pass name, email address, address, city, state, zip, country, phone number, or birthdate through to the redirect URL, simply append any of the following parameters to the end of your redirect URL.


To pass custom fields, you will need to add the fields to your entry form first, then visit your entry form, and using the browser inspect tool, select the field and find its ID. For example if your field is called "colors" with a field ID of 83520_1653480537, then to pass it by appending it your URL it would look like this:


If you need assistance with this, please contact us.

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