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Moving or Hiding Images

To change where the images appear on your form (left, right, top, or bottom) simply edit your campaign and go to the images section. Upload an image, then a menu will appear where you can change the position for each of the three styles (full page, widget, or lightbox).

Also, changing the width of the form will adjust the width of the image. To change the width of the form, go to Edit > Design > Layout.


Size: 450px width x 100px height.
File Type: Transparent PNG
Template: Download Template
Note: The width and height of the logo can change depending upon your implementation. For example, if you set your form to be 900px wide, then you may want to make your logo wider.

Product Images

Size: 1000px width x 1000px height (or any height).
File Type: JPG, PNG or GIF
Template: Download Template
Note: All images MUST be the same width and height in order for them to display at the proper size. If you upload multiple images at different sizes, we automatically default them to 500px x 500px. We recommend a 1000px width, but you can make the height any size.

Background Images

Size: 1900px x 1200px
File Type: JPG or PNG
Template: Download Template
Note: The background image stretches or shrinks depending upon the users browser size. Larger browsers will see more of the background, while smaller browsers and mobile devices will see less of the background.

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