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This feature is only available on our Premium Plan and higher.


The A/B Testing feature allows you to tweak and optimize your promotions to improve overall performance. You can create and test multiple versions of a promotion and discover which versions bring the highest conversion rate.

So what does this mean?

Once you create a promotion, you can then create multiple versions of that promotion and change any variables you want. You can then split traffic between the variations you created, and the one that gives a higher conversion rate is the winner.


Watch the video below for an overview on how to start running A/B tests:

Test Variables

We currently allow you to change the following variables when creating an A/B Test:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Form Fields (add or remove any fields on the entry form)

  • Images (add or remove any images, or show no images at all)

  • Themes (change theme colors, button colors, and more)

  • CSS (use different versions of custom css)

  • Language (change any of the text on the app)

  • Formatting (change form widths, button colors, image placements)

We're here to help

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