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This feature is only available on our Business Plan and higher.

1) Connect to Zapier

When setting up your promotion, go to:

  1. Integrations > Click Add Service > Zapier.

  2. Copy your API Key and Promotion ID that we automatically generate for your campaign.

2) Create a Zap

Login to your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

  1. Search for ViralSweep and select it as the app.

  2. Choose New Entry as the Trigger Event.

  3. Click Continue.

3) Input ViralSweep credentials

To complete the connection within Zapier:

  1. Click Sign in to ViralSweep.

  2. Input your API Key and Promotion ID in the pop up window.

  3. Once the account is connected click Continue.

4) Test your Trigger

Zapier will now want to test that the Trigger has been setup correctly. If your promotion has no entries in it yet, run a test entry through your entry form in ViralSweep. Zapier will then be able to show you the test entry and the data that pulled through. Once everything looks good, click Continue.

5) Add an Action App

You now need to choose an app to connect ViralSweep to so we can pass through the entry data. For this example we'll use Slack, but you can connect to any app that Zapier supports.

For Slack, we will have Zapier send us a channel message when someone enters our promotion. All we need to do is choose the channel we want the message sent to, and input the text we want sent with the message, along with what information we want to see.

6) Test your Action and Turn on Zap

Zapier will now ask you to test the action to make sure the data passes through. Run the test and if the data shows up in the connected app, you're done! If the data does not show up, go back through the steps in Zapier to make sure everything was setup properly.

When everything looks good, turn on the Zap. Every time someone submits your ViralSweep form, we will pass the data to the service you connected to.

We're here to help

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