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BigCommerce Purchases Setup
BigCommerce Purchases Setup

Learn how to setup the BigCommerce Purchases promotion.

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Our purchases app allows you to install our widget or lightbox on your order confirmation page, allowing users to see how many entries they've earned for their purchase.

Already have your promotion setup and need to install it? Skip to Step 8.


  • You must be using BigCommerce

  • Your products and variants should ideally have unique SKUs.

  • If you are using legacy Blueprint themes, please contact us for support.

Step 1.

Create a new promotion and choose Purchases > BigCommerce.

Step 2.

If your store is connected, you will see it at the top. If it is not, please connect it.

Once connected, decide if every product in your store will qualify for the sweepstakes (this is the default) or if only specific products will qualify. If only specific products will qualify, then click Update Products and choose Import Products and All Variants.

All of your products and variants will now be pulled in and will appear on the right side.

Step 3.

Choose the products/variants that apply for this particular promotion by selecting them. If someone purchases a product or variant that is not selected, then their order will not qualify to earn any entries into the sweepstakes.

Step 4.

  • Insert a title for your promotion.

  • Choose start and end dates.

  • Indicate how many winners.

  • Leave Raffle Tickets Enabled set to NO (raffle tickets are to be used for non profits only)

  • Input your Store URL.

Step 5.

Within the entries section, the default is 1 entry for every $1 spent, but you can change this to whatever you would like. You can change currency in the top right corner. You can also schedule bonus periods if you want to change the number of entries being awarded on specific dates. Finally, if you want to give people bonus entries for placing an order over a specific dollar amount, you can do that as well.

Please note: The non-qualifying order section would only appear if a user purchases something that did not qualify for the sweepstakes. Our widget would let them know at checkout that their order did not qualify.

Step 6.

If you want to allow people to earn bonus entries into the sweepstakes for completing actions after they make a purchase, you can add these in the social actions section.

Step 7.

  • Upload any images you want appearing on the widget that users see after their purchase.

  • Insert your official rules.

  • In the design section you can change the styles on our widget.

  • You can setup email notifications to send people how many entries they have when they make a purchase.

  • When you're all set, save the promotion by clicking the green Done button.

Step 8.

If you need help with installation, please contact us. We offer free installation to your store.

To install the promotion on your store, go to the Install tab in your dashboard and choose either the widget or lightbox. Copy the code under Step 1: Install to Checkout.

Step 9.

Go to your BigCommerce store and navigate to:

Settings > Data Solutions (formerly Web Analytics) > Affiliate Conversion Tracking.

Paste in the code and hit save.

Step 10.

In your ViralSweep dashboard copy the code under Step 2: Install to Theme.

Go to your BigCommerce store and navigate to:

Storefront > Script Manager > Create a Script

  1. Name the script ViralSweep.

  2. Set Location on page to Head

  3. Set it to be added to All pages

  4. Set script category to Essential

  5. Set Script type to Script

  6. Paste our code in the box. Click Save.

Step 11.

If your store has user accounts and you want people to see their entries when they login to their account, continue on. Otherwise, skip to Step 12.

In your ViralSweep dashboard copy the code under Step 3: Install to Account Page.

Go to your BigCommerce store and navigate to:

Storefront > Advanced > Edit Theme Files > Templates > Pages > Account > Orders > All.html Paste our code before the closing </main> tag and click save.

Step 12.

You're done! Make a purchase on your store and you'll see the widget appear on your order confirmation page, and it will display the correct amount of entries you've earned for making that purchase, or if you have enabled raffle tickets, it will display your ticket numbers. If you installed our code to user accounts, you can also login to the user account you purchased with to see your entries there too.

Widget example embedded in the store checkout:

Legal Disclaimer

ViralSweep provides this feature to allow you to run purchase based sweepstakes and raffles on your store. However, most states and countries have variations in their laws and regulations regarding purchases when it comes to sweepstakes and raffles. ViralSweep assumes no responsibility for whether you are in compliance with the law. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that your official rules comply with the rules and regulations of your locality, including offering a free alternate method of entry where applicable.

If you are interested in having ViralSweep handle legal compliance for your promotion within the United States and Canada, please contact us.

We're here to help

If you have any further questions, please start a Chat. Just "Click" on the chat icon in the lower right corner to talk with our support team.

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