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Shopify Auto Install
Shopify Auto Install
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This documentation will show you how to automatically install our Full page or Widget templates to your Shopify site. If you need to instal the Lightbox, please see our Shopify Manual Installation instructions.

Please note: We cannot install to an existing page. If a page already exists that you want us to install to, delete it first, then go through the process to automatically install it. If you want to install to an existing landing page that already has content on it, use our Shopify Manual Installation option.

1) Install the ViralSweep Shopify App

First, you need to make sure you install the ViralSweep app to your Shopify store.

You can install it here: ViralSweep Shopify App

If you've already done this, skip this step.

2) Install to your store

Next, click the Install button on your campaign in ViralSweep. Choose Shopify and then click Install Full Page or Install Widget and then choose Auto-Install. A menu will appear. In this menu, simply type in a page name like sweepstakes, and we will automatically create the page and install our code to that page.

We're here to help

If you have any further questions, please start a Chat. Just "Click" on the chat icon in the lower right corner to talk with our support team.

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