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ViralSweep's Hashtags App allows you to build, run, and manage a hashtag promotion on Instagram where users can make posts with your designated hashtag and those posts can be pulled into ViralSweep. You can then display those posts using our Hashtag Gallery.

Through our Hashtags App you can:

  • Collect Hashtags on your sweepstakes as entries where you draw random winners

  • Collect Hashtags on your contests as entries where you choose winners based on judging or voting

  • Collect Hashtags to build a hashtag gallery not tied to any promotion

  • Run a hashtag promotion through Instagram using your own hashtag

  • Collect photos and videos that users are posting with your hashtag

  • Select which types of media you want to accept (photos, videos, or text)

  • Aggregate all of this user generated content within Viralsweep

  • Display hashtag submissions in our gallery

  • Embed your hashtag gallery on any page of your website

To see a full list of features, see: Hashtag App Features

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