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Lightbox Template
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The Lightbox Template is a popup that will appear over your website that users will see when they first land on a page.

By default, the Lightbox will display over the page content when a user visits the page you place it on. You can also trigger the Lightbox to display when someone clicks on something like a button or link. You can set a time delay on the Lightbox so it only pops up after a certain number of seconds, and you can even trigger it to display when we detect a user is leaving the page.

The Lightbox has an average conversion rate of 5-10%. We always suggest using the Lightbox as a compliment to either the Full Page or Widget Template. A use case is putting the Lightbox on your homepage, while sending all of your traffic to a dedicated page that contains the Full Page or Widget.

View Live Example: Lightbox Template

See how to configure the Lightbox Settings.

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