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This feature is only available on our Business Plan and higher.

This feature allows you to invite users to a specific brand within your account. This is great if you manage multiple brands and need to invite users to specific brands you are managing.

Our Starter Plan allows for only 1 user.

Our Business Plan allows for 2 invited users across the entire account.

Our Premium Plan allows for 4 invited users across the entire account.

Our Elite Plan allows for 6 invited users across the entire account.

To add users to your account, first navigate to the dashboard for the brand that you want to add users to. Then go to:

Settings > Account > User Management > Add User.

You can choose from two permissions:

View Only - View and export data
โ€‹Editor - Edit campaigns, view and export data

Once you add the user, they will receive an email invite. They will sign up for their own ViralSweep account (for free) and then have access to the brand you invited them to.

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