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If you want to install this promotion on your website, input the URL of where you will place the ViralSweep code snippet on your website. This is the URL our system will use to point all tracking links and referral links to.

Typically, this is not your homepage but rather a separate page such as:

If you do not want to place the promotion on your site, then leave this field blank.

We will automatically provide you with a link to your promotion hosted by ViralSweep.

Don't forget, if you are installing this to your website then you will need to install the code snippet we provide under the Install tab in your dashboard.

QR Codes

Our system will automatically generate a QR code that points to the landing page URL you have input for your promotion. If you change the landing page URL, it automatically will generate a new QR code, so be sure to always check your QR code by scanning it before you print it.

We're here to help

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If chat is unavailable, please email [email protected] to file a support ticket.

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