Losing Codes
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If you are running an Instant Win promotion that determines winners based on unique codes, then you will have two options:

  1. Allow anyone to enter with any code. Only a winning code will be deemed a winner, while any other code is automatically a loser.

  2. Allow only those with a winning or losing code to enter. Anyone without a valid code will not be able to enter.

If you choose option 2, then you will want to input losing codes into ViralSweep, in the losing codes box. You will have the option of determinng whether the losing codes can be used once only, or if they can be used multiple times.

Use Case

If you are selling products in stores that have both winning and losing codes on them, you would want to add losing codes to your campaign in ViralSweep so that you know that someone absolutely purchased a product to get that code to enter the campaign. If you do not add losing codes, then anyone can enter with any code, but only those with a winning code can win.

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