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Block or Allow IPs or Emails
Block or Allow IPs or Emails
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This feature allows you to allow or block specific IP addresses or email domains from entering your promotion. This feature is on a per campaign basis, so you can choose to allow or deny different domains or IP addresses on different promotions.


  • Domains or IPs that are added to the block or allow section must be added 1 per line.

  • Domains MUST NOT contain http://, https://, or www.

  • IPV4 and IPV6 addresses are supported.

  • Simply input the domain name and extension (.com, .co, .io, .net, etc.)
    For example:

Usage - Block

The block option is to be used to block specific domains or IPs from entering your promotion, and allow all other domains or IPs to enter. For example, if you want to block people from using, you would input that domain into the block list which will block emails coming from that domain specifically. You can list as many domains or IPs as you would like in the block list.

Usage - Whitelist

The allow option is to be used to allow specific domains or IPs to enter your campaign, and block all other domains from entering. For example, if you are running a company wide promotion and you only want employees with your company email address to enter, then you would input your company domain into the whitelist. Anyone who tries to use an email address coming from a domain different than what is in your whitelist will not be able to enter.

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