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GoHighLevel (High Level)
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This feature is only available on our Business Plan and higher.

1) Connect to GoHighLevel

When setting up your promotion, go to:

  1. Integrations > Email & SMS.

  2. Click Add Service > GoHighLevel.

ViralSweep integration with GoHighLevel

2) Select an Account

To complete the connection select the GoHighLevel account you want to connect to.

3) You're connected

The promotion is now connected to GoHighLevel and all contacts will be added to your account automatically.


How do I tag people from ViralSweep in GoHighLevel?

Setup an automation in GoHighLevel where the WorkFlow Trigger is Contact Created and add a filter of Custom Field is promo_id > exact match phrase > [insert promo id].

To find your promotion ID in ViralSweep, just look below the title of your promotion, it will look like "#promotion-2567".


What fields do you pass to GoHighLevel?

First Name
Last Name
Email Address


Address 2



Postal Code



Referral Link

Promotion ID

Auto Login URL

Tracking Campaign Name


If you have connected to GoHighLevel and data is not being added to your account, these are the most common reasons as to why:

Email/Phone already entered into ViralSweep
The email address or phone number entered into the promotion has already been entered into the promotion previously, so therefore it is not passed to GoHighLevel again. This can happen if you set up your GoHighLevel integration after you have already entered the promotion.

We're here to help

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